Accessible Healthcare

“First Day of CHC”

First day seeing patients at the Community Health Clinic, our new center in Falls Church which offers free and discount medical services to homeless families with children.

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“Building a Clinic”

-Ron Lapitan, Community Outreach Coordinator

“This is exactly how we imagined it,” said Dr. Henry, one of the doctors who will staff our new medical clinic for homeless families with children, as she walked into the room where Ken, the fundraiser for the Homestretch shelter, and I were screwing nuts and bolts into a medical bed.

“When we said we would build a new clinic, we would literally build it with hammers and screws,” she said. We laughed.

With Center for Health and Human Rights, Homestretch, and A Place to Stand building our new Community Health Clinic in preparation to see our first patients.

CHHR Outreach Director Alhan setting up a medical bed.

Homestretch staff build a medical bed.

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