Firouz Update

-Ron Lapitan, Community Outreach Coordinator

“Is there something you would like to say to our donors?” I asked Firouz yesterday.
“I want to appreciate them for being so kind to me,” she answered. “They’re sending for me positive energy, and they want to save my life. I like them truly from all of my heart.”

From all of us at CHHR, thanks so much to our incredible community for helping us not only meet but exceed our fundraiser goal! There are no words to adequately appreciate you for your kindness, generosity and support.

“God bless you and your family too.” -Firouz Khafaji

(Image: CHHR staff with Firouz during one of her treatments this past year)

Our fundraiser:

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Firouz Fundraiser

-Ron Lapitan, Community Outreach Coordinator

“I want you to make a fundraiser,” said Dr. Milani​ this morning in the office. “It’s for Firouz​, our patient battling leukemia. She can’t work, so CHHR is paying for both her treatments and her rent,” he said.

Today I got to sit down with her when she visited the office. A year ago, Firouz worked two jobs as a restaurant staff and an evening nurse to support herself. Then she began having pain so intense she couldn’t walk. Doctors diagnosed her with leukemia, a cancer of the blood that destroys body functioning. The chemotherapy started that day.

“Once the chemo entered my body, I don’t know what happened to my life,” Firouz told me. She could name different types of chemotherapy, and described the particular pain that came with each one. One was like “my body being on fire.” Another left her so weak she couldn’t speak and communicated with the nurses through pointing. “Only God got me through that,” she said. The boss of her restaurant, wanting to support because she had been such a hard worker, created an insurance for her for 6 months.

“Do you want me to tell you more?” she asked, but then one of our nurses came to take her vitals.
“I’m sorry you’re going through this,” I said as we shook hands. “I’m going to do my best to support.” But first I asked the nurse to take a photo. Firouz took off the mask she wears to protect herself from germs. The treatments have greatly weakened her immune system.

Today her old employer’s assistance has ended. She has lost both jobs and is still too weak to work. CHHR is her sole means of support. Any amount you might be willing to contribute would greatly aid our support of a truly deserving patient. Also please share our fundraiser!

“My only solution now is to depend on God and stay positive.”

-Firouz Khafaji

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