To date, CHHR has performed $2,000,000+ worth in free services, including 7,000+ free patient visits and support of or cancer patients.


CHHR works to educate the community about health and human rights through our after school program and by organizing forums for conversation on pressing issues such as race and gender inequality.


CHHR has advocated on issues such as access to healthcare and human-trafficking.

The Center for Health and Human Rights was officially launched on Monday December 10th, 2012 coinciding with the International Human Rights Day. The Center for Health and Human Rights is a nonprofit organization that works to offer quality medical care to underserved populations, engage in community education, and provide advocacy and policy analysis on matters of health and human rights. Our mission is to offer short term acute care as well as long term care for chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and asthma/allergies.The Center is not a political entity. We are simply offering health as a human right.

“The exemplary society is one that every individual has the capability to support and unite with others in times of need.” –Dr. Kavian Milani, CHHR Founder and Director 

CHHR staff with Maryam Hatami, cancer patient successfully supported financially through treatment in 2015.

High schoolers Jessica Davis and Nedah Hatami from the Health as Right School Program, who developed a non-profit to empower local foster youth to graduate high school.

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The Center is offering its services to all patients who do not currently have access to health insurance due to socioeconomic reasons. Our focus is serving the Iranian immigrant population residing in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. Due to the many challenges faced by this specific population, the Center will be sensitive to language needs and cultural barriers they face.