Who We are

The Center for Health and Human Rights is a nonprofit organization that works to offer quality medical care to underserved populations, engage in community education, and provide advocacy and policy analysis on matters of health and human rights on behalf of these populations.

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We are physicians, dentists, nurses, social workers and health care providers concerned with the pressing medical needs of the underserved populations among us and are committed to provide the necessary care.

The Center for Health and Human Rights recognizes the highest attainable standard of health as a fundamental human right. We believe:

  • Health and human rights are essentialcomponents of human prosperity
  • Cultural and linguistic sensitivity are essential to meaningful access to care
  • Education and social support complement medical care and promote overall well-being
  • To address public health in the long term, it is essential to engage in advocacy for health as a human right and policy reform

Our Vision:  To become a leading organization that advances health as a human right

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