Maryam’s Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Maryam’s Breast Cancer Fundraiser


Maryam Hatami was a 31 year old woman living a normal beautiful life until recently when she was diagnosed with Breast cancer.
A few years ago when Maryam got married and came to U.S., thought she was in heaven, blessed with a loving and very supportive family, wonderful friends, and beloved spouse next to her. She originally came to the United States to get higher education and pursue her dreams.

IMG_2016-03-30 08:51:28Maryam came to our Center about 11 months ago complaining about a breast lump. The Center for Health and Human Rights accepted her as a new patient and after tests and imaginings she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Subsequent to her illness and inability to work this young couple are now under significant financial pressure.
She is undergoing chemotherapy right now after the surgery. Her treatment is showing progress, but it lasts for one year and during this intense time, she needs our spiritual and financial support. Her treatment is very expensive and makes her really ill. As she is a new arrival refugee and college student, she cannot afford her expenses.So, we, as her friends decide to help her to reduce part of her difficulties and this financial pressure. Maryam and The Center for Health and Human Rights will be very grateful if you can help her even a little, to ease her path through cancer.
Today, Maryam is more than $30,000 in debt due to unforeseen medical expenses, hospital fees and credit card loans. She has been unable to work at all and her financial situation is unsustainable given her very hard physical challenges.

On April 16th, 2016, Center for Health and Human Rights planned a fundraiser benefit to support Maryam during her most difficult time to help her financially and spiritually. Our amazing volunteers came up with the idea of attracting the public’s attention by offering to add Maryam’s Campaign logo into their picture in order to show their support which attracted many people and made her campaign and her cause to go viral.

The Fundraiser and the campaign for Maryam Hatami was successful beyond measure and I am honored to say that we passed our target $30,000 in 4 weeks by grassroots action.

The battle to deliver healthcare to vulnerable populations continues. — celebrating life at The Graham – Georgetown, Washington D.C..





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